On Coasting and Traffic Signals

Today, when a driver sees a traffic light in the distance, he is likely to immediately make some decisions.  These decisions will be based on general experience with all intersections ever encountered, as well as the specific intersection that he is approaching. If the light is red, he may begin to break.  If he is familiar with the intersection, he… Continue reading On Coasting and Traffic Signals

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MaaS: Mobility as a Service

Mobility-as-a-service has been defined as : use services for transportation, rather than using personal vehicles such as cars. After looking for about 20 minutes for a more rigorous definition, I failed.  So let me strike out at defining it. Mobility-as-a-Service, or MaaS, is service marketplace that may replace traditional means of transportation.  It may include… Continue reading MaaS: Mobility as a Service

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On Feedom: Elsa’s Dilemma

Dilemma: A choice between two options, especially undesirable ones. For the 17 of you who haven’t seen the movie Frozen, Elsa perceives that she has a choice to either “Conceal, don’t feel, Don’t let them know” or as she says, “Turn my back and slam the door… and here I stand… and here I’ll stay…… Continue reading On Feedom: Elsa’s Dilemma