Initial thoughts on refuelling

One of my least favorite aspects of driving is refueling.  It may not be so bad in Jersey (where they do it for you) or on a beautiful spring day.  Most of the time, there are better things to do; and sometimes, refueling is uncomfortable (blizzard), unhealthy (smog), or even dangerous (pick your scary locale.)

What are some of the ways a lack of crew are likely to affect refueling?

  1. The car could travel to an (attended) refueling station while unoccupied.
  2. The car will select the optimal refueling location.  This might be based on route, price, weather, preferred tank level, time of day, club memberships, among other things.
  3. Alternate fueling methods.  Currently most people refuel with liquid gasoline or diesel.  A small number connect to the grid an recharge a battery.  Could an automated car get a new battery pack while you are in a meeting?  Could specialty fuels requiring additional service become palatable?

Just some food for thought.


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