The Revolution That Was: The Introduction of the Automobile

When the automobile was introduced, it ushered in a whole host of societal changes.  These include some obvious ones, such as the obsolescence of buggy makers.  Other ones are easy to see in retrospect, such as the movement of the middle class to suburbs.  Much less obvious changes, but now well known, include changes to dating and business.  For example, a salesman who was formerly limited to a single city, or even neighborhood could now be expected to cover a much greater territory.

As interesting as history is, of more interest to me is what will the Uncrewed car (u-car) bring?  What are the safety implications?  Some have promised efficiency savings, where will they come from?  What are the downsides?  Will other concerns prevent the u-car from being accepted for use?  How might governments hinder or encourage the adoption of u-cars?  Will increased efficiency and safety drive other societal changes?


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